20 đề thi thử vào lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh năm 2014


(1-3) Supply the correct verb forms:
1.     The last tsunami disaster in Japan in March ( cause ) __________________  a lot of serve damages .
2.     People said that the fishing village ( destroy ) ____________________ in a heavy storm the day before.
3.     No one ( know ) __________________when h
e will come.

 (4-13) Choose the word or phrase that best fits the blank space in each sentence:
4.       _____­___________believe that we should preserve the tropical rainforests in the world.
A. Consumers                          B. Aliens                      C. Conservationists       D. Tourists
5.       How long did it take you ________________to the village?
          A. getting                                 B. to get                       C. for getting                D. get
6.       _________________they use energy-saving light bulbs, their electricity bill is still enormous.
          A. Since                                   B. When                       C. Although                  D. If
7.       Vietnamese students have to leave _________________class on Christmas Day.
          A. in                                        B. to                             C. from                                    D. for
8.       Computers are playing an __________________ important role both in our homes and at work.
          A. increase                               B. increasing                 C. increased                 D. increasingly
9.       Peter frequently ________________the chickens after finishing his homework.
          A. feeds                                   B. is feeding                  C. has fed                     D. feeding
10.        The undeveloped country needs to develop ___________in order to attract foreign investment.
             A. conclusion                           B. microorganism          C. infrastructure            D. tradition
11.        Assignments __________________through access to the Internet.
             A. can do                                 B. is done                     C. can be done             D. be done
12.        ___________the night before Christmas, Santa Clause enters each house to give children gifts.
             A. In                                        B. At                            C. For                          D. On
13.        What would you do if you __________________away by aliens?
             A. took                                               B. take             C. are taken                             D. were taken
(14-21) Choose the word or phrase that best fits the blank space in the following passage:
Friendship is (14)_______to us. Everyone needs friendship. In all our lives, we cannot live (15) ______friendship just as we cannot survive without air and water. Friendship gives us a feeling of (16) ________and encourages us to go ahead all the time.
     But real friendship is not (17)______to find. True friendship must be sincere and unconditional. It is based (18)________mutual understanding, not on mutual benefit. Some people try to get (19)_______from their friends, and their friends also try to make use of them. If such a relationship is (20)_______friendship, we need no friends (21)_________all.
14.        A. needed                                B. good                                    C. important                 D. unimportant
15.        A. with                                     B. in                             C. without                    D. for
16.        A. idea                                     B. love                         C. importance               D. warmth
17.        A. easy                                                B. easily                       C. hard                         D. difficult
18.        A. in                                        B. on                            C. at                             D. for
19.        A. it                                         B. that                          C. something                D. anything
20.        A. called                                  B. the                           C. named                     D. thought
21.        A. get                                      B. with                         C. at                             D. of

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